Tech Tips: This one thing prevents 99% of hack attempts

Hackers are targeting all businesses, all the time. They use clever automated tools to sniff out vulnerabilities.

There is good news. One security method has been shown to be 99% effective. Find out what it is in this week’s video.

Cybercrime is by far the biggest threat to businesses at the moment. With thousands of successful hacks taking place every day. While there is no way to protect yourself completely, one security method has been shown to be 99% effective.

According to Microsoft, multi-factor authentication is able to block 99% of hacking attempts. You might have seen multi-factor authentication when logging into your bank. It asks you to confirm your identity with an extra step, such as generating a code on your mobile. Using multi-factor authentication is only a minor inconvenience, compared to the major hassle of a data breach.  

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