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Training Courses

Scheduled Date: To Be Announced.

Course Title: Offensive Hacking Techniques

There is a common saying among information security professionals that goes like this: “There are two kinds of companies, those that have been hacked and those that don’t yet know they have been hacked”.

It is 2015, the year of highly sophisticated targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT), nation-state sponsored hacking groups, zero-day exploits, high profile breaches; and still many organizations around the world don’t know how to protect their information assets from the most basic of hacker attacks.

Join us in this two-day hands-on seminar, where you will learn the offensive tools and techniques that hackers use to penetrate networks, circumvent security controls and gain unauthorized access to systems and data. The participants will have access to a virtual lab with detailed exercise instructions that will help them apply what they will be taught in class and better understand how hackers operate. Defensive controls and countermeasures will also be discussed throughout the course in order to help the participants more effectively detect and/or preventing such attacks.